Your Privacy, Explained

Privacy policies tend to be pretty long — and pretty confusing. That’s why we did our best to make our Privacy Policy brief, clear, and easy-to-read!


You should read our entire Privacy Policy, but when you only have a few minutes or want to remember something later on, you can always take a look at this summary — so you can learn or recall some of the basics in just a few minutes.

What we do at PubHub


At PubHub, we enable consumers to purchase goods and services from businesses in a way that is fast, convenient, and secure. 


To provide our services and make them better, we learn some things about you when you use PubHub. For example, if we know your favorite drink is a Rum & Coke, we can suggest this drink when it is available at other PubHub partner establishments. Or, if we see that you are at one of our PubHub partner locations, we will automatically route your next order to this location. 


To keep the lights on at PubHub HQ, we make money by charging our PubHub business partners (eating and drinking establishments) to use our platform and service. 


We use some of what we know about you to help our PubHub business partners be more informed about their consumers and spending trends.


For example, if consumers at our PubHub partner locations usually buy specialty cocktails and not beer, we would suggest offering more specialty cocktails and fewer types of beer. Or we could use age and gender demographics to help tailor the music and customer experience. 


How we gather information


First, we learn about you when you use our service. So, while you may not tell us you’re a craft beer fan, if you’re always ordering craft micro-brews and tend to only visit Pubs and Breweries, it’s a safe guess. 


Second, we learn from whatever information you choose to give us. For example, when you set up a PubHub account, we learn your phone number, email address, and your name.


Third, we sometimes learn about you from other people and services. For example, if a friend refers you to use our product and uploads their contact list, we might see your phone number. Or, if you sign up for PubHub using a social media account, we may have access to some basic information like your name, email address, and what city you’re from.

How we share information


When we share information, it’s used to improve our products and services for consumers and PubHub business partners. We also share information with specific vendors to help us provide our services, such as Stripe, who processes our payments. 

How we store information



PubHub takes privacy and data security very seriously. We follow strict data storage policies to ensure the safekeeping of your information. We store your basic account information and order history until you ask us to delete it.


How you control your information


Want to update your account information? Just go to your settings in the app. Curious about your information that's not in the app? Contact us, and we will be happy to allow you to download your data. If you ever want to leave PubHub and delete your account for good, please contact support

How you can learn more


Have a look at our full Privacy Policy!


Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, just reach out to us and our friendly support team will get back to you!