The app that lets venue customers order and pay with their phones.

No cash, No cards, NO LINES.

How it works


View the menu and place an order right from your phone. 

Our software will connect your order with a bartender to be fulfilled with speed and accuracy. 


Automatically pay and tip directly from your phone. No cash. No cards. No tabs.


Get notified when your order is ready and pick it up from the bar or counter.

Say goodbye to lines, and say hello to PubHub. 


Benefits to your business

Streamline Operations

Simplified ordering process improves efficiency and turnaround.  Focus staff on doing what they do best - making awesome food & drinks.

Maximize Sales

When ordering and paying is easy for customers, they buy more food & drinks.

It’s that simple.  Capture more sales during peak hours, without needing to hire additional staff.

Data & Analytics

Learn more about your customer’s behavior and advertise targeted food & drink specials.

Our Story

PubHub started just as one might expect - after a round of beers. 

After finishing a delicious IPA, our co-founder Joe was kindly reminded that it was his turn to get the next round. After standing in line for what felt like forever, he finally got the bartender's attention. He was practically yelling his order, anxious to get back to his thirsty friends. When the drinks were ready, he hurriedly handed over his card in attempt to speed up the process... to no prevail... The bartender thought Joe wanted to keep the tab open, so he already started taking new orders. 

This is an all too common story of wasted time and we know there can be a better way, which is where PubHub comes in!  

PubHub is a startup based in San Francisco, CA. 

Our Vision

We believe in enabling positive experiences for customers and transforming the Bar and Pub industry.​ PubHub provides a simple, intuitive way for customers to skip the lines, and not the next round. 


When ordering and paying is easy for customers, they buy more food and drinks. It's that simple.


PubHub empowers bars and pubs to increase the number of items sold each night without the need for additional employees or loss of quality.


PubHub is a mobile ordering and fulfillment platform that connects Bars and Pubs with customers. 


Customers can easily view your menu, order, and pay from the convenience of their mobile phone.


PubHub's cloud based platform is highly secure and scalable to meet any demand without compromising quality of service. All you need to get started is an internet connection - we'll take care of the rest. 

Our streamlined ordering process improves efficiency & throughput for Bars and Pubs, while also providing a platform to promote specials, provide useful data and analysis, and bring in new business. This translates into more sales and enables your bartenders to do what they do best - make awesome drinks. 

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